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The Miss-Kal Trail is a 50 Plus Mile Trail System through Missaukee County. It interconnects trails to Kalkaska, Roscommon, Crawford and Grand Traverse Counties. The main trunk is the “6” trail and runs East & West. The “651” trail connects the “6” trail to the City of Lake City.

The Missaukee Trail Blazers keep the trails brushed, signed and groomed for safe, smooth riding. Our State Grant is funded by your purchase of Trail Permit Stickers and Registration.  Without this money, we would not be able to pay for fuel to groom the trails. Also, membership monies collected by our club help offset equipment maintenance and extra grooming done by the club.

If you are riding our trails and see hazards, trees down or other problems, please note the location on the trail and contact Fred Bartholomew at (231) 429-9539. Our trail coordinator and will dispatch a crew to remove or correct the hazard, tree down, etc.. to keep our trail safe.

Video of North Missaukee Trail
Video of North Missaukee ORV Trail

North Missaukee Trail 1
North Missaukee Trail 2
North Missaukee Trail 3

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